Calvert County Health Department unveils new logo

The Calvert County Health Department has announced a new logo. The department, which did not previously have its own logo, is excited to share this symbol of the diverse range of services it provides to promote and protect the health of all county residents.

“The new Calvert County Health Department logo will serve as an easily recognizable symbol of accurate health information and safe environments for members of our community.  Whether you see the logo on an advisory about an infectious disease, a notice for a stop smoking program, or an inspection certificate, you can be assured that a well-trained health professional has placed her or his seal of approval,” said Health Officer Dr. Laurence Polsky.

The logo will serve to unify the work of the department, from cancer screening and flu clinics to mental health services, under one familiar symbol. The design itself is colorful and vibrant, comprised of overlapping shapes that resemble the medical cross. The health department worked with local freelance designer and Calvert High School graduate, Ashley vonClausburg, to develop the design.

The logo will be displayed on promotional materials, the health department website, and at community events.

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