The Shape of Law Enforcement after the Primary Election

  • By covered the election results for the area’s legislative offices on Sept. 15. Today the races for various offices pertaining to Law Enforcement are analyzed with respect to the push toward the General Election on Nov. 2.

In St. Mary’s County, the status of Sheriff will remain unchanged as Sheriff Tim Cameron is running unopposed for his next term in office. On the prosecutorial side of law enforcement the picture is not as clear. Current States Attorney Richard Fritz (R) is pitted against John Mattingly (D) in the General Election. Complicating that contest has been on the ongoing effort to prosecute Mattingly over this past year by Fritz’s office.

In Calvert County, Sheriff Mike Evans (R) held off Republican challenger, Brian Smith to win the right to continue toward the General Election. In the General Election, Evans will be facing Democrat, Don Brenneman and Non-Partisan candidate John “Rodney” Bartlett in what could be the tightest race in the coming Calvert election contest. Top prosecutor, Laura Martin (R) will remain as Calvert’s States Attorney because she is running unopposed.

The situation in Charles could end up being quite an interesting contest. Sitting Sheriff Rex Coffey (D) easily defeated fellow Democrats, Robert L. Foster, Jr. and Dave Williams. In the Republican Primary, Tim Crawford ran unopposed and is set to fight a tough challenge for the top law officer for the County. The race for State’s Attorney was decided in the Primary Election with Democrats Anthony “Tony” Covington and Hammad Matin being the only candidates. In that race, Covington defeated Matin by an almost two-to-one margin and will take over as the County’s top prosecutor.

Stay tuned to Baynet Radio and for complete coverage of the General Election on Nov. 2. Every race in all three counties will be covered until the last vote is counted. Check out TBN's Election 2010 Section to keep up with all things having to do with the 2010 election.

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