The County Commissioners Race in Calvert has an Interesting Twist

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Linda Kelley, Four-Term Calvert County Commissioner filed on Tuesday, Sept. 28 to fight an uphill battle to gain a fifth term via write-in ballot on Nov. 2. The Commissioner, disappointed after failing to capture enough votes in the Sept. 14 Republican primary, had been suggesting this action for days leading up to yesterday’s formal filing and announcement.

“My decision to run as a write-in candidate is grassroots driven,” said Kelley. She stated that her decision was made because of her deep feelings for the well-being of the citizens of Calvert County and her desire to keep Calvert County the special place it is and to preserve what she and her fellow Commissioners have worked for during her 16 years in office.

“My concern is for Calvert County,” said Kelley. “Many people who have moved in after the laws were passed to control growth take all that we have here for granted. The wonderful life we enjoy here is not by accident. It is due to the hard work and the regulations put in place that keep our community’s growth controlled which helps keep the schools from being overcrowded and our agricultural heritage preserved.”

She went on to state that her concerns are that there are people who are running for office who don’t understand what it took to make Calvert what it is and they could unwittingly undue all the good that has worked. “Once you let the horse out of the barn, it’s out and very difficult to get back in.”

Kelley, 67, and resident of Owings intends to be actively involved in election and candidate forums even it is to ensure her voice is heard as one of the attending voters and her positions are made clear to all involved.

In a phone interview with, Kelley said, “I didn’t know how the whole write-in campaign would work, but I discovered that is fairly straight forward. Now that I have filed, the electronic ballot will automatically allow voters to write my name in when the vote. They just have to select the write-in option and a ‘QWERTY’ keyboard pops up and they type in Kelley and they have voted for me.”


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