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It was another typical day in the life of Willy Dean, proprietor of Wild Willy’s Seafood in Ridge. He and a couple of marine biologists from the Calvert Marine Museum headed out to check Dean’s nets for bait fish – Alewives and Sting Rays for CMM’s Ray Exhibit and caught a huge surprise.

There in the nets was an eight-foot, one-inch long, 300-pound Bull Shark – alive with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. “The way we fish is so we can keep all the fish alive,” said Dean. “That’s why the museum biologists come out with us so we can give them rays for their exhibit.”

Dean described the surprising battle to land the Bull Shark. “It gave us quite a battle and it took quite a while for us to get it on the deck. Three of us finally rolled it onto the deck after snaring it with a rope and wearing it out enough to haul it in,” said Dean.

Dean said that the shark was the first one he ever caught. “The skin was like sandpaper. I had never experienced anything like it,” said Dean. “I sure wouldn’t want it nibbling on me with those teeth!”

The shark was caught at Cornfield Harbor which is on the Potomac side just off Point Lookout. After wrestling the shark into submission, Dean and crew took it into Buzz’s Marina in Ridge where Christy Henderson shot the photographs pictured here.

When asked what he planned to do with the shark, Dean said, "I have it in my freezer now and I might have it mounted. I have been told that they are good eating and just might do that."

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