Two Nurses at MedStar St. Mary's Hospital honored with Jean Watson Award



LEONARDTOWN, Md. - We’re pleased to recognize Deanna Finley, RN, a nurse in our Emergency Department (ED), for her recent Jean Watson Award! Deanna was nominated twice for her outstanding patient care.

Colleagues shared: “Deanna took care of a patient being treated for a transient ischemic attack (TIA). The patient had an extended stay in the ED and called after discharge to rave about the care he received from Deanna. He said Deanna was ‘fantastic, lovely, professional, had a good sense of humor, kept me consistently informed, and made an 8-to-10-hour stay more pleasant.’ Deanna consistently goes above and beyond for her patients even on the busiest days.”

In a second letter, a fellow nurse wrote: “Deanna is a hard worker dedicated to providing the best care she can to her patients. Recently the ED waiting room was filling up. Before anyone knew it, Deanna had six patients, was acting as a resource to others, plus assigning herself to patients in the waiting room. During the full 12 hours of her shift, she never complained and relentlessly persevered. Only after giving report did Deanna state that she was tired. It is an honor to work with a person who is so dedicated and has an excellent work ethic and attitude.”

Sharon Kerwin, BSN, RN, Women’s Health & Family Birthing Center, was recently honored with the Jean Watson Award for her outstanding dedication to patients!

A colleague shared: “Sharon recently took care of a COVID-positive mother in the postpartum unit while her newborn stayed in another room with the father. The infant had been separated from the mother upon birth due to the mother’s health condition. The only way the mother could see her baby was through video chat with the father. During her shift, Sharon volunteered to stay with the infant so the father could shower. She remained on FaceTime with the mother, dressed in full PPE, making sure to focus the camera on the infant, while attempting to soothe the baby to sleep after she fed him. As the mother started crying, Sharon comforted her as well. I have no doubt that when another need arises, Sharon will drop everything to assist in any way she can.”

Thank you, Deanna & Sharon, for your selfless dedication to serving others!

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