Not Too Obvious Snoring Causes

Snoring is a widespread problem, which affects mainly men, but women can also suffer from the disorder. In addition to being dangerous in some cases, it is really annoying especially if you share the bedroom with someone who snores. Those who have a habit of snoring will never have a restful sleep, because they are unable to enter REM sleep.

Sleep apnea is one of the leading causes in snoring

One of the most common causes of snoring is a sleeping disorder. This often leads to problems such as weight gain, fatigue, migraines, increased risk of heart issues. Sleep apnea is more commonly seen in men. This can be a fatal problem if left unchecked. If you experience interrupted sleep, please see a doctor and raise your concerns about possibly having sleep apnea.

Alcohol can also be a culprit of snoring

Having too much alcohol before bed will over-relax your throat and constrict your airways. This is why you might notice someone who doesn’t usually snore, suddenly snoring after a night of heavy drinking. While this will go away when the alcohol leaves their system, it is advisable not to consume too much alcohol on a regular basis for health reasons.

Your diet can help alleviate snoring

It is a problem that can have many origins; fortunately most of them are not serious. In some cases, a correct lifestyle and proper nutrition can lead to improvement and many times to totally stop snoring. Assuming all this, there are certain foods that, if eaten regularly and especially at dinner before going to sleep, will help us greatly to make this problem disappear, finally you will be able to say “sweet dreams.”


Plant-based food, allows you to lose weight in a healthy way and fights "snoring" because it relaxes the throat and allows the breaths to be continuous and consistent during sleep.


Thanks to its high content of essential nutrients and natural sugars, honey is an excellent food to improve the quality of our sleep.


All blue fish varieties contain high amounts of antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids, the absorption of which brings numerous health benefits.

Excellent for those who don't want to snore, as its natural fats relax the throat muscles and reduce breathing problems.


Garlic contains sulfuric substances which, once absorbed, decongest the respiratory tract and prevent infections.


Considered to be one of the best fats to include in the diet, olive oil is an excellent remedy for recurrent and annoying snoring.

It is rich in essential fatty acids and anti-inflammatory compounds that help preserve better sleep quality and avoid obstruction or restriction of the respiratory channels.


They provide significant quantities of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, the consumption of which reinforces and gives relief to the tissues of the throat, so that they are not damaged by the vibrations that occur during breathing.


Rosemary is a healthy herb that, in addition to imparting a delicious flavor to dishes, has medicinal active ingredients that help take care of health.

They also facilitate the cleaning of the respiratory tract, eliminating toxins and facilitating the passage of oxygen through them.


A simple mint tea to prepare at home by boiling the mint leaves in water for a few minutes, refreshes the respiratory tract and gives calm to those who take it.


It is a natural medicine with properties that promotes peaceful sleep.


The hot and spicy properties of chili is good for snoring. It is one of the foods that minimize snoring if eaten in the evening before going to bed. In fact, it helps airways eliminate excess mucus and therefore allow you to breathe better.

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