Maryland Court of Appeals affirms St. Mary's County Jury Verdict Against Defendant Wayne Aloysius Jordan, Jr.

Wayne Aloysius Jordan, Jr., 30

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - On August 3, 2020 the Maryland Court of Special Appeals affirmed a St. Mary's County Jury's verdict, upholding all nine convictions against Defendant Wayne Aloysius Jordan, Jr., 30 for a 2018 armed robbery in Lexington Park, MD.

Deputy State's Attorney Jaymi Sterling prosecuted the case. In August 2019, the Defendant was sentenced to sixty (60) years, with thirty-nine (39) years of active incarceration in prison to serve for his involvement in the armed robbery, which included the use of a handgun.

A St. Mary's County Jury unanimously found the Defendant guilty after a multi-day jury trial in April 2019.

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