St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office Active Warrants


08/02/19-  Richard Alvin Nolan, age 31 with no fixed address- Escape 2nd Degree- Condition of Release by DFC. Muschette# 303.  CASE# 35782-19

Richard Alvin Nolan

08/03/19-  Joseph Cornell Young, age 45 of Florida- Two counts of CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana by Dep. Luffey# 352.  CASE# 58856-19

Joseph Cornell Young

08/06/19-  John Ignatius Chisley, age 47 of Ridge- Assault 1st & 2nd Degree and Theft by Dep. Sidorowicz# 328.  CASE# 44270-19

John Ignatius Chisley

08/07/19-  George Thomas Young, age 34 of Callaway-  Two counts of CDS: Possession- Not Marijuana by DFC. Roszell# 296.  CASE# 56780-18

George Thomas Young

08/07/19-  Timothy Jerome Baker, age 52 of Lexington Park- FTA/Child Support, Possess Contraband at Place of Confinement, and CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana by Cpl. Ruest# 204.  CASE# 44873-19

Timothy Jerome Baker

08/70/19-  Ted William Taylor, age 51 with no fixed address- Robbery, Theft, Rouge and Vagabond by Dep. Henry# 333.  CASE# 44655-19

Ted William Taylor

08/08/19-  Andrew Wyatt Washabaugh, age 31 of Great Mills- Burglary 2nd, 3rd, 4th Degree and Theft by Dep. Lawrence# 279.  CASE# 44599-18

Andrew Wyatt Washabaugh

08/08/19-  Charles Patrick Hancock, age 24 of California- Burglary 2nd & 4th Degree, and Theft by Dep. Lawrence# 279.  CASE# 40054-19

Charles Patrick Hancock

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