Speed limit raised near school -- for safety's sake

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Chesapeake Beach, MD -- The Calvert County Board of Commissioners voted to raise the speed limit within half a mile of Beach Elementary -- all for safety's sake.

Currently the speed limit is 15 mph within half a mile of the school on Old Bayside Road. The commissioners voted to raise it to 20. 

A recent traffic study showed that motorists weren't paying much attention to the speed limit anyway. A whopping 444 motorists were going between one and twelve miles over the posted speed limit while an additional 71 vehicles were going even faster.

The solution? Installing speed cameras. But Maryland law requires that the minimum speed for an area with photo enforcement be 20 mph. So, the commissioners chose to raise the speed limit in order to install the cameras.

Commissioner Mike Hart said he know that the cameras are often unpopular, but they are proven to work and admitted he's even been caught by one. 

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