Prince George's County officer found guilty of assault

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Upper Marlboro, MD -- Prince George’s County police officer, Corporal Stephen Downey, has been found guilty of second degree assault and misconduct in office for assaulting a man who was handcuffed and belted into a police car.

In October of last year, officers placed Andre Verdier under arrest at a CVS Pharmacy in Temple Hills. 

Verdier was handcuffed with hands behind his back, and then secured with a seat belt in the front seat of the cruiser. When Verdier began to complain that the handcuffs were too tight, Downey opened the passenger side door and began to yell at Verdier

Downey asked if there were cameras in the cruiser, and when he was told there were not, he put on his gloves and punched Verdier in the face multiple times. Verdier was treated for injuries at Southern Maryland Hospital.

State's Attorney Aisha Braveboy said, “Our police officers are charged with protecting the public and enforcing the law. While the majority of our fine officers execute their duties faithfully within the bounds of the law, today's conviction is an example where we’ve successfully held a defendant fully accountable to the law regardless of his occupational status."



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