Opinion - Conference at ocean resort helps taxpayers, right?

Leonardtown, MD - As noted in the press release sent out by St. Mary’s County Government regarding the commissioners and senior staff who will be attending the Maryland Association of Counties (MACO) summer conference, this is an important event  for them to attend.

For those who criticize the costs associated with three days at Ocean City, the return on investment is far worth the cost of a few hotel rooms. In fact, one commissioner picks up all of his costs personally, according to sources within the government. The leadership of St. Mary's gleans important information and have the opportunity to share best practices with all of the other Maryland county representatives. It is also an opportunity to develop common legislative agendas that can be brought to Annapolis when the legislature is in session.

At MACO, face to face meetings with members of the legislature—House and Senate members—is invaluable face time to focus on issues specific to St. Mary's County. Having experienced first-hand the value that can be derived by attending the many sessions MACO puts on, it is gratifying to know that St. Mary's attends, participates and contributes, which all ensues to the benefit of the taxpayers of the County.

Disseminating that information upon their return would be of great interest.

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