Opinion - Maryland Dems adopt socialist agenda

Annapolis, MD - It's baffling just how out of touch Maryland Progressives are with the electorate. So far, six opponents have declared against Governor Hogan. Democrats are obsessed with ousting the governor with a nearly 70 percent approval rating - the second highest in the Nation.

Meanwhile, Governor Hogan continues to improve Maryland's business climate - rising 10 spots. However, Marylanders are still reeling from excessive taxes levied under O'Malley's watch and nonstop partisan pushback against Governor Hogan. As a result, the middle class and retirees are worried about Progressive Democrats regaining control.

Here is why: Progressives have forced over 82% of the state's budget on autopilot, attempted to make Maryland a Sanctuary State, and gerrymandered districts in their favor. This is service unto themselves, not the electorate. Progressives have forgotten the working men and women of Maryland.

Maryland Democrats have been hijacked by Bernie Sanders and the Progressive-Socialist agenda!

Delegate Mark Fisher is a Republican representing Maryland House District 27-C.

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