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Prince Frederick, MD - Insurance is a product everybody should have, everybody pays a significant amount for, but then hopes they never need it. There is a ton of angst that comes with all that. Before you begin checking the phone book or Internet to see if anybody sells “angst insurance,” you will want to contact Glascock & Meenan Insurance Agency. You might find you can survive without the angst.

Glascock & Meenan, celebrating 50 years of service, is located in Prince Frederick at 45 W. Dares Beach Road in the red brick building between the Shell gas station and KFC, directly across the street from Safeway. Bedford Glascock started the agency back in 1967 and Keith Meenan joined the agency in 1978 becoming president in 1987. “We know most of our clients on a first-name basis,” Meenan told That personal relationship between agent and customer is astonishing when you consider that the agency has over 5,000 active policyholders. Glascock & Meenan also has relationships with over 12 insurance companies. “We try to find the best fit for our client with an insurance company. We can move a client to a different carrier when necessary. We are truly an independent insurance agency and proud to be a member of the Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents Association.”

Contacting Glascock & Meenan is a refreshing retro experience. “We have no voicemail,” said Meenan. “When you call you get to talk to someone immediately. You talk to a real person.”  Whatever type of insurance you’re looking for: home or automobile, business or commercial, life and health you will get fast personal attention.

The agency has a staff of nine and most of the agents have over 15 years experience with Glascock & Meenan. “We have a culture of service after the sale,” said Meenan. He shared the story of the time a client whose auto insurance policy was purchased through Glascock & Meenan was stopped by police. The client was unable to show proof of auto insurance to the officer who had pulled him over. Based on a new Maryland law, the client would have been fined $50. However, a call to his Glascock & Meenan agent led to an email which was sent to the client’s phone. The emailed document showed that the driver did indeed have auto insurance and the fine was averted. How’s that for service?

On a periodic basis, Glascock & Meenan agents evaluate a client’s insurance portfolio, and recommend changes as needed. We have invested in technology that allows us to easily communicate with our customers. When insurance companies make significant changes that impact policyholders, Glascock & Meenan agents often recommend changes. “We are able to give people options,” said Meenan.

Meenan noted that insurance companies frequently change Hurricane deductibles, a move that sometimes goes undetected by clients. “We constantly review those changes,” said Meenan. “Our customers get notified. We also encourage our clients to contact us if there are any changes. For example, if they have children heading off to college, it’s good to discuss the insurance ramifications and options.” Other services Glascock & Meenan clients receive include reminders about late payments and that much needed assistance during the always stressful claims process.
“Going through a devastating loss can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience,” said Meenan. “We take the call and follow through. We follow up during the entire claims process. We talk to the higher-ups, when needed, to get a claim settled.”

In addition to thorough service to their clients, Glascock & Meenan also gives back to the community. Recently, they were presented a $5,000 grant from an insurance company to be used in-house or donated to a local charity.  Meenan, a first responder himself, chose to donate it to the Calvert County Fire and Rescue Association Memorial Fund.

Getting rid of your insurance angst is easy.  Make an appointment with an agent from Glascock & Meenan at 410-535-0222.   Walk-ins are also welcomed, Monday through Friday 8:30 to 5. You can visit them on their web site.   

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