Every month is an R month for eating Oysters

Hollywood, MD - Oysters grow fastest in water temperatures in the 60s and 70s.  In mid-summer  this year on the Patuxent there are water temperatures in the high 80s.  It seems like oysters, like people, slow down in the heat. You may want your oysters now but August doesn't have an R in it.

No worries --technology to the rescue! Now every month has an R in it – it’s called Refrigeration and strict Regulation.

All oyster farmers are under strict Maryland State-regulated and monitored health requirements dropping harvested oysters from summer water temperature down to about 40 degrees in a few hours. And oysters are maintained at that temperature through the distribution chain until a restaurant shucks and serves it on a plate. Oysters are something eaten all year around now.

And local oyster farms like Hollywood Oyster, harvest several days a week through out the year providing consistent supply and year round employment. The fast expanding aquaculture economy is providing jobs opportunities that are not defense related, one of the key goals of the St. Mary's County Economic Development Commission and the Board if County Commissioners in St. Mary's who have adopted the plan.

One of the local oyster farms, Hollywood Oyster, shipped out a record 360 cases of Oysters on one day last week. Hollywood Oyster has state of the art refrigeration and processing and packaging capabilities, Within 24 hours from being farmed the refrigerated Oysters are delivered throughout the country.

Serve them up and enjoy.

This is a 2 part story watch this space for part 2 where politics comes into play........



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