Reconnect with your roots at Spider Hall Farm

PRINCE FREDRICK, Md. -- Time seems to slow down when you set foot on farmland. Seeing the field sprawling out, plants reaching for the sunlight and animals carrying on their simple days, it’s all something you can experience at Spider Hall Farms in Prince Frederick.

“Most of our products actually come from local farms, growers, producers and artisans. Our concept is to celebrate local and educate the public on commodities from the surrounding area,” said Nancy Cox, who also goes by Mrs. Moo.

The farm is a unique agri-entertainment venue in Calvert County, said Cox.

“While there is an element of entertainment, the focus is on education. We want families to enjoy their visit to the farm, but also learn something valuable about agriculture and Calvert County's heritage,” said Cox.

Spider Hall Farm consists of 362 acres and is one of the few remaining working farms of its size in Calvert County, producing tobacco, corn and grain, said Cox.

“The history of the farm can be traced back 100 years. However, the Cox Family has owned the farm since 2004. The Cox Family descendants have been farming in the area since 1831. When my husband and I decided to expand Spider Hall, we stood at the top of a hill overlooking the land. He saw the farming value, while I saw the culture and educational value,” said Cox.

It is important the community continues to recognize the importance of agriculture, said Cox.

“We are all dependent on the farm and farmer. We have a responsibility to make sure food, fiber and fuel are constant in our ag-community and in our country,” said Cox.

The farm combines agriculture tourism and education and offers an on-site Farm Stand, said Cox.

“The farm is also open during the month of October to the public. We have Moo-vie Nights, haunted hay rides, pumpkin patches and other fall activities,” said Cox.

The Farm Stand provides seasonal foods in the region, so don’t expect to find strawberries so late in the summer, said Cox.

“While I appreciate what big box stores do with providing out-of-season foods to the community, there really is nothing like having a fresh, crisp apple in September. It’s just not the same kind of apple if you get it when it’s not naturally in season,” said Cox.

Her favorite produce and products include pumpkins and ice cream, said Cox.

“The community should support their local farmers to keep their dollar within the community, stimulating the local economy, providing local jobs. It also ensures their family gets healthy and safe food available in season without the negative elements of shipping,” said Cox.

For more information about Mrs. Moo, the Farm Stand, or events at Spider Hall, call 410-610-0094 or check out their Facebook page or website.

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