Outreach event benefits the community

Great Mills, Md.-- On the evening of Aug 27 a community came together to celebrate their religion, but as the evening went on there seemed to be a underlying feeling. 

War Cry is a safe place for all members of a community to come together and try to understand the difficulties that are within the community. Every religion is welcome to this safe place, ages range from little children to the elderly. The aspect that brings all these people together is God. 

There are many people that make up War Cry, some of the major role players include Pastor Michael P. Barber of Dominion Apostolic Ministries, Corey Dyson event coordinator and countless others who help grow this event larger and larger every year. 

Barber had very powerful words when he described the mission of War Cry, and what they are trying to achieve now. 

"This is a great city, we see greatest in this city [Great Mills]. And we believe that people are now coming to us [War Cry] even if it is a long ride. With all the things happening around the world many people wait until after to pray and come together, but I believe that we could learn so much from what happen out there," said Barber. 

When Barber was asked what kind of turn out he expects for this years War Cry March he said " we are expecting over 1,000 people this year."

Corey Dyson is a high motivated individual, and has his sights on making this event unforgettable. 

"First and foremost my job is to fulfill the pastors vision, and second is to draw out anyone that is influential who can help draw people out of the community to join our cause," said Dyson.

The War Cry March will be held Saturday, Aug. 29 starting at St. Mary's County Square and concluding at McKay's Shopping Center. There will be entertainment, notable speakers, and different activities for self improvement. 

Photos provided by News Photographer Ron Bailey 

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