Man fined for helping his sister get drugs

James Joseph Hall

Leonardtown, MD -- A Leonardtown man has been fined after pleading guilty to conspiracy to possess oxycodone. James Hall, 37, said he did it for his sister.

Hall and his sister Teresa were arrested earlier this year after an operation by St. Mary’s and Calvert County deputies. At the time the officers recovered oxycodone, Xanax and Adderal tablets valued at $35,000. There were more than 4,000 tablets confiscated.

State’s Attorney Richard Fritz, at the Aug. 14 sentencing hearing, detailed the police surveillance of the Halls outside several pharmacies before the arrests were made.

Teresa Hall, also known as Teresa Glaze, allegedly wrote fraudulent prescriptions while working at a doctor’s office in Prince Frederick. She was subsequently fired.

According to testimony at the sentencing hearing, James Hall was convinced by his sister that she was being threatened by her regular drug dealer to come up with money. James Hall’s attorney, public defender Eric Sullivan told Judge David Densford that his client was “not a user, not a dealer.”

Noting the size of the drug Hall secured from a number of pharmacies, the judge asked Sullivan how Hall could not be a dealer. Sullivan responded that most drug dealers do it for profit. “He did it for his sister,” Sullivan noted.

Sullivan told Judge Densford that Hall was a plumber and member of the plumber’s union. He makes $80,000 a year, which stood to be lost if Hall was incarcerated. So picking up on that idea, Densford sentenced Hall to 18 months in jail but suspended it all except for the one day he had already served. Instead the judge fined Hall $5,000, which he will have to pay over the next two years.

In imposing the fine Judge Densford said, “I don’t think you are a threat to the community.”

Teresa (Glaze) Hall was sentenced May 4 to five years in jail for possession with intent to distribute drugs, but all but one year of that was suspended. She will be on three years of supervised probation after completion of her jail time. Her brother will be on two years of unsupervised probation.

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