Bond reduced in murder accessory case

Demetrius Jose Burks-Jeffrey

Leonardtown, MD -- Bond has been reduced for one of two men accused of being accessories after the fact in a first-degree murder case. Demetrius Jose Burks-Jeffrey, 22, and Wade Braithwaite, 21, both of whom have an address on Columbus Drive in Lexington Park, have been charged with aiding the escape of Alan Rangel, 21, of Lexington Park who is accused of murdering Cody Lacey, 21, at a party in Mechanicsville in the early morning hours of July 27.

During an Aug. 14 closed circuit TV hookup between a circuit courtroom and the jail, Judge David Densford reduced the bail for Burks-Jeffrey from $500,000 to a $150,000 full bond (instead of a 10 percent bond, as is often the case). Judge Densford said he felt the half-million-dollar bond was excessive, but also underscored the seriousness of the offense charged.

Burks-Jeffrey told Judge Densford, “I would like you to set a level so I can make bail. I want to make sure I can come to court and clear my name.”

Judge Densford in imposing the bond reduction also put Burks-Jeffrey on pretrial supervision with the Department of Parole and Probation to insure that he does show up for trial. He said of his reasoning for setting that pretrial supervision of Burks-Jeffrey, “I do believe he is a danger to society.”

Burks-Jeffrey was represented at the arraignment hearing, which also included the bond review, by public defender Edie Cimino. The state was represented by State’s Attorney Rick Fritz and Deputy State’s Attorney Ted Weiner.

After the hearing Fritz told The BayNet that he hoped to secure the cooperation of the co-defendants in the case and other witnesses to get a conviction of Rangel.

Fritz said he believed that the shot fired by Rangel that killed Lacey was meant for someone else. Fritz said a man who was arguing with one of Rangel’s friends was the intended target. Lacey, who was standing next to that man, had nothing to do with the argument, Fritz said. Instead he was an innocent bystander in a horrible, fatal tragedy.

Fritz said the bond for the co-defendant in the accessory after the fact charge, Wade Braithwaite, has not been reduced by another judge.

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