A day at the ballpark where everyone wins

Waldorf, M.D.-- The national pastime was on full display, when young boys and girls geared up to take batting practice at Regency Furniture Stadium. The boys and girls were invited to this event based on there hard work within their communities. 

In attendance at this event was Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry, Superintendent of Charles County Public Schools Dr.Kimberly Hill, Diamond Dream Foundation members Robert Duff and Joe Walsh, and countless Blue Crabs volunteers who really helped the youth at this event.  

Berry spoke to the young boys and girls in the locker room area before the event started, and had a powerful message for the youths. 

"I remember my days playing sports as a kid, and the key things I learned playing sports were leadership, integrity, and also teamwork. Putting all these things together helped me in life. As you guys go on to do bigger and better things, like going to school and in your professional lives always remember this moment," said Berry.   

Hill also had a message to the students that revolved around sports and what it can teach the youth in regards to adulthood. 

"We want to thank everyone that help put this event together, these people have done a lot for you. I want you to think about all these adults around you those people care about you and how you develop as a young person. Your teachers, assistant principals, and your principals feel the same way about you," said Hill. 

Hill went on to say "this is a once in a lifetime event for these kids, who gets to walk in to a semi pro locker room and see their names on the lockers. What we hope is that kids remember this a positive experience and kids recognize the team work that went into this." 

Diamond Dream Foundation provided much of the equipment that the young boys and girls were provided. 

"Its about activity, nutrition,and the magic of baseball. I see a lot of athletes out on this field. Its all about the kids, if we can reach a couple of these kids we have done our job," said Duff and Walsh. 

Cover photo provided by Charles County Sheriffs Office.   

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