Reader's Letter: High Density and a Contemptible Court

Marking the foundation of our country, the Second of 33 paragraphs of the United States Declaration of Independence included the phrase, "...that we are created equal and endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Our founders created a governmental system of “shared powers” called Federalism. That means the Federal Government consists of three parts, National, State, and Local. Too often, people say Federal when they mean (or should mean) National.[1][1] This is not just semantics, because the difference has real meaning. Shared power means that certain topics are the purview of different levels of the federal government.

Our original founders articulated right of “Pursuit of Happiness” was not meant for citizens to do whatever they wanted regardless. It meant gaining wisdom and purity, because doing so would bring happiness.

Communities are the level where democracy is the closest to the citizens. These entities are the closest many citizens participate in the democratic process. Be they neighborhood watches, homeowners or civic associations, or just on the street talking, communities at a minimum display the attitude of its residents. For instance, homeowners who neglect simple home and yard appearance essentially say, “I don’t care what happens here.”

Citizens who don’t care have made a choice to not get involved leaving themselves and their neighbors vulnerable to nefarious individuals. These permissive attitudes permit the growth of a culture that nourishes evil. Where evil exists, drug use and crime is easily found.

Communities are also where citizens vocalize expectations of themselves and those who represent them. County and Town Center Master Plans are the Citizens Voice/Expressed Vision for their community. While these are high level visionary documents, they form the foundation for creating local zoning ordinances. These foundational documents are periodically updated to reflect growing or changing attitudes of the owners and funders of the local government.

A March 11, 2008, ruling by the State of Maryland Court of Appeals in the Civil Case # 01-C-05-025779(L) David Trail, et al. v Terrapin Run, LLC, et al rejects that citizens have a say about their communities. In a play on words, that court is in contempt of Maryland Citizens.

The court declared th

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