Reader's Letter: A County of Readers and Lifelong Learners

Thank you, Ahmar for your coverage of a VERY important issue for our county.

FYI, the final report should be approved by the Library Board in February or March and I look forward to your coverage of that document so that our community can have a healthy dialogue about this critical need for all of our county residents. Yes, the joy of libraries is that we serve EVERYBODY, from cradle to grave!

As your county library director, I am looking forward to working with our Board of Library Trustees, the BOCC and the entire community to create a responsible and reasonable building plan to accomodate the insatiable needs of our county residents for excellent library services.

We have the excellent all we need is some more square feet. I have no doubt that we will figure out a way to make that happen. What a glorious dilemma for a community to have: too many people wanting to use their library resources! Other counties should be so lucky....

Kathleen Reif, St. Mary's County Library Director

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