First Day of School a Flurry of Activity and Excitement

On August 26, St. Mary’s County Public Schools opened all across the county. Children and teachers alike were all smiles and abuzz with excitement. That excitement was evident in the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Michael J. Martirano as he visited three schools.

“I am very pleased with St. Mary’s County Public School students and staff,” said Martirano to each class of children visited. “I have worked very hard all summer to review each of your report cards and test scores and you are all doing very well.”

Martirano emphasized to students and staff alike that the number one goal for each of the 17,000 plus students is to get them through to high school graduation. “Getting your diploma is very important. We are here to help you prepare for college or to enter the workforce,” said Martirano.

At Leonardtown Middle School, the enthusiastic superintendent told students that they were doing well and that they were much more in style than he was in his day at school. At Leonardtown High School, students were given a lesson on the new smart board technology spreading across the system with the aid of an educational stimulus grant.

The smart board from SMART Technologies allows students and teachers alike to interact with a projected board which maybe from computer by the teacher and worked on by students, enhancing the learning experience. The smart board has basically eliminated chalk board mess and fuss in many classrooms where it is employed.

Before leaving LHS, Martirano made an unscheduled stop to meet and greet the Peer Development Program students assembled in the school’s cafeteria.

“I want to thank each and every one of you for the outstanding job you did mentoring new students during the summer,” said Martirano to the group of upper-class students. “I have heard over and over again from parents who told me how great it was to have students helping their children get ready to make the transition to high school.”

Martirano’s whirlwind visitation schedule came to a close at the first ever day of school for the new green school, Evergreen Elementary in Wildewood.

“This is a historic day for St. Mary’s County Public Schools,” beamed Martirano as he waited for children to be unloaded from their buses. Unable to wait, he energetically walked on to each bus and greeted the children as they were getting tagged with their bus number.

As the first ever bell sounded, children were escorted one bus at a time by their teachers to the front of the school. Then the doors opened on St, Mary’s County Public Schools very first all green technology structure designed to not only help the environment, but be an integral part of students’ learning process.

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