Arts Education in Maryland Schools Alliance Chooses St. Mary's as Site of One Day Excursion

The Artist/Teacher Institute International, a professional development program for educators around the country and the world, was held during the week of July 20 at the Inn and Conference Center in College Park.

Sponsored by the Arts Education in Maryland Schools Alliance, AEMS selected St. Mary’s County as a location for a one-day learning excursion. Participants visited St. Mary’s County to explore its rich mix of culture, arts, and geography.

The visiting educators spent the day at the Chesapeake Bay Field Lab and aboard the “Dee” Skipjack learning how to dredge for oysters, catch blue crabs and learning about environmental issues.

A resident poet, Yael Flusberg and visual artist, Sarah Tyson joined the group, giving an opportunity to enrich the experience with poetry and art.

The goal was to bring educators from local parochial Maryland schools, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Italy to Southern Maryland for an environmental experience that will enrich their understanding and assist in the development of lessons using the arts and science learned here to increase student achievement. The day was a huge success for the participants and for us at AEMS.

Much appreciation goes to:
• Captain Jack Russell, Ange Funya, at the Chesapeake Bay Field Lab with poet Yael Flusberg and artist Sarah Tyson for helping teachers learn about environmental science with visual arts and poetry to teach lessons.

• Carolyn Laray, of St. Mary’s County Division of Tourism for setting up, sponsoring, and greeting our guests at the luncheon.

• Evan’s Seafood Restaurant for hosting lunch.

• The Kiwanis Club of St. Mary’s for sponsoring the luncheon at Evan’s Restaurant.

• J. F. Taylor, Inc. for sponsoring us at the Chesapeake Bay Field Lab.

It was because of the groups and individual’s listed above that superior impressions were left on the participants about St. Mary’s County and our community.

Photos below were taken by Linda Miedzinski.

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