St. Mary's County Public Schools Enroll Students Then Withdraw Them

Some students enrolled in St. Mary’s County Public Schools will be turned away when school starts next week.  Pre-Kindergarten programs conducted a kickoff in May and students were evaluated on the basis of need.  They went through a screening process and based upon need (income and skill level) placed into Tiers.

Letters were then sent out to the families notifying them of placement within the Pre Kindergarten programs.  Tier I students had the highest priority and received the first placements within the program.  Tier II students would be placed on a waiting list and placed only after Tier I placements occurred.

Parents were contacted and mailed registration information once placement was made.  The parents then had to follow up with meeting the requirements of enrolling in a Maryland Public School including acquiring immunization records and obtaining physicals.  This information was then taken to the school of placement and the children were registered and enrolled.

This week one of those parents found out by accident that their child had been pulled from the program at the last minute.  A phone call to George Washington Carver Elementary questioning bus route and morning or afternoon scheduling for their child proved to be the notice that the child had actually been pulled from the program.  There was no other notification that this had occurred, said the parent.

The parent was told Thursday by a source at GW Carver Elementary that all the Tier II students had been pulled due to a late influx of Tier I students.  The parent called again Friday and was informed that four more Tier I students were enrolled that day with only three full weekdays before school is to start.

The parent duly upset will now have to explain over the weekend to her four year old that she was withdrawn from the Pre-Kindergarten classes that she was to begin next week.  The parent says her child, who has already shopped for school supplies, will most likely be in tears to hear the news after being excited about the beginning of school for so many weeks. 

The school system not only failed to notify parents but never set a cut off date for   enrollment, causing the last-minute rejection of those students not classified as Tier 1.

Officials from GW Carver were unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

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