Cops Find Hit and Run Driver Asleep With Face in Dinner, Awoken For More Trouble

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At about 10:00 p.m. on August 03, Deputies John Logalbo and Shaun Carberry of the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office responded to the Sea Breeze Restaurant in Mechanicsville for a report of a Hit and Run Motor Vehicle Accident.

Witnesses on the scene reported that John Struven Evans was the driver of the striking vehicle.

Deputies Carberry and Logalbo responded to the Evans home on Holly Lane a short distance from the scene of the accident.

The deputies saw the alleged striking vehicle in the driveway of the Evans home and the registration information indicated the vehicle was owned by Evans; damage on the vehicle was consistent with the accident that was just reported.

The deputies were permitted entry to the Evans home by a female who resided there and was pulling into the driveway as the deputies were conducting the investigation.

Deputy First Class Logalbo found John Evans face down in a plate of food at the kitchen table apparently asleep.

Deputy Logalbo awakened Evans and attempted to interview him.

During the interview Evans punched Deputy Logalbo in the chest and attempted to flee into his bedroom.

Deputies Logalbo and Carberry stopped Evans aggressive actions and placed him under arrest.

John S. Evans, a 41 year old white male, was charged with:

Assault 2nd Degree, Resisting Arrest, Hindering, DUI, DWI, and Failure to Stop after Vehicle Damage Causing Accident.

He was transported to the Detention Center

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