St. Mary’s Man Faces Felony Charges After Allegedly Raping A Minor At Gunpoint In Lusby

Jovan Gabriel Parker, 21 of Mechanicsville (charges listed below)

LUSBY, Md. — An incident involving a minor that allegedly took place in Lusby has one man from St. Mary's facing several felony charges.

On July 14, police were alerted to a sexual assault that had taken place in the 12000 block of Walsh Lane in Lusby. A caller had reported having seen a male suspect holding a gun to the head of a female victim.

Witnesses on the scene pointed Calvert County deputies in the direction that a “heavy-set black male named [Jovan Gabriel Parker,]” who would later also be identified by his lazy eye, had allegedly fled. Soon after, police located Parker, 21 of Mechanicsville, walking nearby and arrested him with probable cause.

Several witnesses were interviewed on the scene by police recounting the incident, including the 16-year-old female allegedly assaulted and raped.

According to the victim’s account, she had smoked marijuana and had alcohol provided by Parker. Although court documents obtained by indicated the victim was intoxicated and “could not remember much,” she stated she did remember being told to perform oral sex on Parker with a handgun drawn to her head.

A male witness advised police that Parker had come over in the evening to “smoke” with him, and later drove with him in Parker’s vehicle to an unknown address in Lusby to get his “strap.”

That same witness recounted seeing Parker exit the residence brandishing a handgun which he believed to be a ghost gun. He described the gun as a “Glock that had a tan grip and a black slide.” The two would then travel to the address on Walsh Lane, where they would drink and smoke marijuana with others.

Witnesses said that they noticed the 16-year-old girl missing later that evening and would find her behind a shed at the residence with Parker. In court documents, witnesses said they “had heard rumors regarding Parker as a person who preys on underage girls.”

The witnesses would describe having seen a handgun held to the minor’s head, Parker fondling the victim, and what they believe was him forcing the victim to perform oral sex on her knees.

Following the incident, witnesses alerted the neighbors, who proceeded to call 911. It is believed that during the commotion, Parker was made aware and fled the scene on foot, leaving his red sedan in the driveway.  

Upon arrival, Calvert County Sheriff’s K-9 units tracked down Parker as aforementioned and performed an article search which determined that Parker did not have a handgun on him. Court documents indicate that after searching Parker’s person, police did recover a loaded Glock pistol magazine that was in his underwear.

Later in the investigation, as Parker’s car was seized for evidence, a tow truck operator located a handgun in the driver's side door while putting the vehicle in neutral that appeared to have a “tan grip and a black slide.” A police report indicates that the handgun was left untampered with until it reached the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office evidence bay, where the proper protocol was used to search the vehicle.

Parker would eventually speak with detectives, where he would admit that he had kissed, fondled, and “digitally penetrated” the minor. Documents reveal that Parker said he also received oral sex from her but claimed that all sexual contact the two had was consensual.

Parker denies having the handgun during the sexual acts and advised detectives that he was aware the minor was intoxicated during their encounter.

With the nature of the case, Parker is facing five potential charges. Of the charges, he is facing jail time for the following:

  • First-degree rape: maximum of a Life sentence with the possibility of parole
  • Second-degree rape: maximum of 20-years
  • First-degree assault: maximum of 25-years
  • Use of a firearm to commit a felony/violent crime: maximum of 20-years
  • Third-degree sexual offense: maximum of 10-years

Parker is being held without bond and is to have no contact with the victim or any witnesses.

A preliminary trial date has been set for August 16, 2021.

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