St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office Warrants Served

07/06/21- Justin Lee Hewitt-Patrick, age 36 of California- CDS: Possession not Marijuana, CDS: Possession Paraphernalia, Rogue and Vagabond, Theft, and Possession of Burglar Tools by Cpl. Hartzell# 97. CASE# 34957-21 (No Photograph Available)

07/10/21- Stacey Lynn Goode, age 44 of Callaway- Motor Vehicle/Unlawful Taking by Dep. Chase# 346. CASE# 35680-21

Stacey Lynn Goode

07/11/21- Charles Henry Thompson Jr., age 26 of Lexington Park- Driving While Suspended by Cpl. Flerlage# 241. CASE# 35782-21

Charles Henry Thompson Jr.

07/12/21- Rosalyn Sharmiller Lyons, age 44 of no fixed address- Failure to Appear/Trespass: Private Property by Cpl. Tirpak# 270. CASE# 36025-21

Rosalyn Sharmiller Lyons

07/12/21- Jeremy Keith Griffin, age 26 of Bel Alton- Theft by Cpl. Kerby# 242. CASE# 35938-21

Jeremy Keith Griffin

07/12/21- Treyvon Devontae Hood, age 26 of Great Mills- Malicious Destruction of Property and Burglary 4th Degree by Cpl. Smith# 297. CASE# 77556-21

Treyvon Devontae Hood

07/12/21- Raymond Lester Edelen, age 61 of Aquasco- Confine Unattended Child by Cpl. Smith# 297. CASE# 58348-20

Raymond Lester Edelen

07/12/21- Dayton Caldwell John Harris, age 53 of Great Mills- Fail to Register/False Information by Cpl. Smith# 297. CASE# 31813-21

Dayton Caldwell John Harris

07/12/21- Trujillo Portillo Baudilio, age 46 of Lexington Park- Failure to Appear/Driving on Revoked Out of State License by DFC. Budd# 325. CASE# 35945-21(No Photograph Available)

07/13/21- Kerri Marie Hall, age 39 of Lexington Park- Failure to Appear/Theft, Possess Forged Currency, and Driving While Suspended by Dep. Wilson# 370. CASE# 36045-21

Kerri Marie Hall

07/13/21- Paul Ray Long, age 66 of Leonardtown- Assault 1st Degree by Dep. Dixon# 380. CASE# 36075-21

Paul Ray Long

07/13/21- Reuben Antonio Nwanze, age 31 of Temple Hills- Assault 1st and 2nd Degree by DFC. Payne# 320. CASE# 35654-21

Reuben Antonio Nwanze

07/14/21- Shawn Michael Clarke, age 38 of Hollywood- Obstruction of Justice by Cpl. Flerlage# 241. CASE# 36236-21

Shawn Michael Clarke

07/14/21- Tywan Thomas Morris, age 19 of Bryans Road- Assault 1st Degree by Cpl. Flerlage# 241. CASE# 36237-21

Tywan Thomas Morris

07/14/21- Christopher Edward Evans-Clark, age 33 of Scotland- Know/Alter Firearm ID Number by Cpl. Flerlage# 241. CASE# 36239-21

Christopher Edward Evans-Clark

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