Leaders from Annapolis Naval Academy

Have you ever thought about being a sailor? Maybe not a sailor, maybe you just like boating, and being the captain of your own ship, or more likely being on a boat is something you love to do in your spare time? Being close to the water allows you to engage in some of the water activities that you enjoy the most. But, what would be the perfect place where you could do all these things?

If you could imagine the ideal city for that, what would it be, what would it look like? Have you ever heard of the Sailing Capital of the US? That resonates a lot with what the ideal city for boating and sailing would be like. We want to reveal to you that the city of Annapolis, MD holds that title, and if you never had the opportunity to visit it, then you are missing out on what is probably a sailors paradise as many would describe it.

One of the main reasons why the city holds this title is because it has a significant maritime history that gave the city access to a wealth of rivers, creeks, and inlets. The rich history of the city also revolves around one of the most prestigious US institution, the US Naval Academy. The leaders that were born within this academy shaped the world we know today. Here are some of the notable graduates that graduated from the Naval Academy.

James E. ‘Jimmy’ Carter

One of the most notable figures that graduated from the Naval Academy is the 39th President of the United States, James Earl Carter Jr. He’s mandate stretched for four years between 1977 and 1981. As a member of the Democratic Party, he initially served as a senator for the state of Georgia from 1963 to 1967 and after finishing his presidential mandate, he went on serving as the governor of Georgia for another 4 years.

Carter graduated from the United States Naval Academy, in 1946. He was raised in Plains, Georgia and with a Bachelor of Science degree, he decided to join the United States Navy, where he chose to serve on submarines. After his father’s death, Carter left his naval career in 1953 and returned home to Georgia.

Albert A. Michelson

Albert A. Michelson is an important figure in the science world and a Nobel Prize Awardee. If you don't know who Michelson is, he was born in Strelno, Prussia in 1852 and later he and his parents moved to the United States. He grew up in California and he graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1873. Michelson follows a different career path as a physics teacher in multiple institutions.

Michelson was the second American citizen and first American scientist to receive a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1907. Mitchelton’s massive scientific contribution has to do with measuring the precise velocity of light which after that led to numerous advancements in the field of optics, spectroscopy, astronomy, geophysics as well as metrology. Mitchelton’s contribution made Einstein’s theory of relativity possible.

Medal Honor recipients

A Medal of Honor is the highest recognition for action against an enemy force that an individual serving the Armed Services of the US can receive. Originally the medal of honor was awarded for both non-combat and combat heroism, but today the award is presented for intrepidity and gallantry at the risk of life, beyond the call of duty. Here we have an extensive list of Seventy-three Naval Academy graduates who were awarded the Medal of Honor but we will only mention a few of them.

Orian P. Howe

At 14 years of age the drummer boy, Orion, showed bravery and courage on the battlefield. After being severely wounded and exposed to enemy fire, he kept his composure on the battlefield until he reported to Gen. W. T Sherman. He provided information regarding the necessary supply of ammunition for the troops under the command of Colonel Malmborg.

William Rees Rush

William Rees Ruch was commended for his conduct in battle, in April 1914 at the engagements of Vera Cruz. Having a leadership position and being in command of the naval brigade, Capt. Rush was continuously under fire, as soon as his brigade landed until they took possession of the city. His position required him to be present at the points of great danger and direct his men and officers. Having such a great responsibility, and handling it in such a great manner made him worthy of commendation.

Richmond P. Hobson

Hobson’s commendation for bravery is connected to the sinking of the U.S.S Merrimac as soon as it entered the fortified harbor of Santiago de Cuba. This event took place in June 1898, and against all add, the battle turned out in our favor when Hobson’s bravery made him push through enemy lines and carry on the operations at the risk of his own personal safety.

Mervyn Sharp Bennion

Going beyond and above the call of duty during the attack on the Fleet in Pearl Harbor is what won Bennion the Medal of Honor. His devotion to duty, courage, and complete disregard for his own life is what made him worthy of commendation. As the Commanding Officer of the U.S.S West Virginia, he was badly wounded and refused to be carried from the bridge, and showed concerns only in saving his ship and the crew.


The number of notable graduates of the US Navy Academy is so large that it hardly can be fit in a small article. The immense contribution of all these people to the advancement of society along with creating a safe and secure environment for the next generations cannot be described in words. Their achievements and bravery are a testament for us today.

Having the possibility of finding out more about the Naval Academy and its leaders is an extraordinary journey that can only be accomplished if you take part in it. Therefore, find a real estate agent in Annapolis, MD to help you find a home that is located in the historical downtown so that you can learn more about the people that shaped our country.

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