Employees recognized in Sheriff's Office First Quarter Awards

Several men and women of the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office were recognized for exemplary work during the First Quarter of 2019.

Major Michael Merican and Deputy Phillip Henry

Deputy Phillip Henry was awarded as Deputy of the Quarter as he has been a reliable asset to Patrol Squad 2B and to the agency as a whole during the first three months of the year. Deputy Henry is truly a team player, routinely contributing to high productivity levels on his squad.


Major Michael Merican and Sgt. Sherry Harrison

Sgt. Sherry Harrison was awarded as Correctional Officer of the Quarter as she has a great attitude and never complains about her duties and responsibilities. She is a hard-working individual and a strong team player.


Sheriff's Salute:

- Lt. Christiana King

Major Michael Merican and Lt. Christiana King

- DFC Daniel Holdsworth

Major Michael Merican and DFC Daniel Holdsworth

- Frances Gunn

Major Michael Merican and Frances Gunn

Others not pictured:

CO Brandon Reynolds

- Sgt. Cory Ellis

- DFC Dale Smith

- Kelly Crosby

- Cpl. David Corcoran

- Cpl. Timothy Snyder

- Cpl. Glen Knott

- Cpl. Vincent Pontorno

- DFC John Davis

- Cpl. Scott Ruest

- Cpl. Michael Worrey

- DFC Carl Ball

- Deputy Courtney Edwards

- Deputy Thomas Snyder

- Sgt. Todd Fleenor

- Cpl. Jason Graves



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