Chefit announces the launch of affordable personal chefs


It is no secret that people prefer to eat at home, and with the various food delivery apps available that is easier than ever. Personal chef experiences are often reserved for significant catering events, but rising company thinks it does not have to be that way. Chefit is offering people the chance to book highly-trained chefs for an evening at home at the same price they would pay to eat at a restaurant.

Chefit’s chefs offer preset menus that focus on each chef’s specialty cuisine. Chefit’s chefs use fresh restaurant-grade ingredients for their various recipes, ensuring the highest quality possible at all times. Chefs arrive at the home and prepare the dinner for a family-size serving and leave as soon as the meal is served rather than eaten, still providing the in-home privacy people crave. The meal prices can range from $15 to $30 per person, depending on the meal.

Cousins and Chefit co-founders Matt Redler (CEO) and Sabrina Beraja (COO) are proud to offer a service that lets chefs further their career while also earning significantly more than what they would make at a local restaurant where conditions are often poor and the work rate grueling for minimum pay. There is no doubt that the Chefit team is doing the community a service by providing an innovative way for people to spend their evenings and a fantastic way for chefs to grow.

Customers in Florida are already eating up the new service, and Chefit is looking forward to expanding the innovation to other states. The brand new service is an excellent approach to combat the rising costs of delivery services, and it offers people yet another way to spend their evenings while enjoying quality restaurant style food. Chefit seems poised for a lot of success in the years to come.

About Chefit: We want to offer people a new way to spend their evening dinners. Our chefs are highly skilled and ready to serve up a culinary experience that you would regularly only get at a restaurant. Our varied menus and restaurant-like prices offer an alternative to delivery services that continue to raise their rates. We are excited to offer something different, and we believe that this is just the start of something fantastic.

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