Site selection for new animal shelter underway

Leonardtown MD - The St. Mary's County Commissioners are considering possibilities for a site, or an existing building as the location for a 13,000-square-foot animal shelter. During County Administrators Dr. Rebecca Bridgett's agenda time the board was provided a detailed brief. The process that has been ongoing for many months. 

According to background provided by the Communications Director, Tony Jones, "On March 1, 2017 St. Mary's County Government awarded contract# SMC-l 7-EST-90074 to Rauhaus Feeedenfeld & Associates, LLP to perform an Animal Shelter Feasibility Study for our community. The Study was performed to assess current shelter services, solicit community input in identifying operational and programmatic improvements, and recommend to the CSMC a comprehensive - cost effective plan to move St. Mary's County forward. To meet these goals the following activities were completed:

• A Community Meeting was held for all interested citizens to provide input helpful to the study (April 17, 2017).

• Invited Community, Animal, and Rescue Organizations to meet and discuss strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for enhancing animal care and shelter operations\services.

• Toured any facilities that are housing/providing services to animals to document and include in the study.

• Toured any facilities that are providing medical services to animals to document and include in the study.

Last October, the commissioners made the decision to move forward with the construction of an animal shelter in St. Mary's County. That process is underway and to date, efforts are underway to identify a suitable location through architectural programming and soliciting input from stakeholders.  Final decision for the selected location will  be determined by the CSMC," according to background provided by county government.

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