Dem chair pans Trump's 'right-wing takeover' of high court

Annapolis, MD - This week, Donald Trump named Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the Supreme Court. The gravity of this situation demands that I speak in stark terms: if Trump’s pick is confirmed, the Supreme Court will be pushed to the far right for an entire generation, creating a partisan court that would roll back decades of progress and refuse to hold Trump accountable for his abuses of power.

There couldn’t be more at stake here – from the ACA’s protections for patients with pre-existing conditions, to the commonsense gun laws that keep our country safe, to the right for a woman to make her own health decisions, and critical action to prevent climate change.

Let me be clear: the progressive achievements we’ve fought for and secured are in danger. That’s why Democrats like Ben Jealous are fighting to protect our progress, our rights, and our country from a court that would be radically more conservative than most Americans.

While Larry Hogan has been shamefully silent over Trump’s right-wing takeover of the court,  our gubernatorial nominee, Ben Jealous, recognizes the urgency of the moment. And while Larry Hogan has been missing in action when Marylanders need him most, Ben Jealous is running towards the people of our state. I couldn’t be more excited to be right behind him.

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