Accused Capital Gazette shooter pleads not guilty

Annapolis, MD - Following an indictment, alleged Capital Gazette shooter, Jarrod W. Ramos, was scheduled to appear in court this morning, July 30, for an initial appearance.

Anne Arundel State’s Attorney Wes Adams, addressed the press outside of the courthouse Monday morning following the removal of the case from the court’s docket. Adams stated in his address that the public defender, William Davis, “entered his appearance and filed all of his mandatory motions.” He then explained that the purpose of the initial hearing is for the judge to advise the defendant of his right to counsel, of the charges against him and of the maximum penalty for each of the charges. The case was removed from the court’s docket because, when Ramos’ lawyer filed his entry of appearance, he is then responsible for informing him of the charges and maximum penalties.

Many news sources have reported that along with the standard filings the public defender filed a not guilty plea for Ramos who is being charged with five counts of first-degree murder, one count of attempted first-degree murder, six counts of first-degree assault and 11 counts of using a firearm in the commission of a crime of violence.

Also being reported is that Ramos’ attorney filed motions for a speedy trial by jury and discovery.

Adams stated that Anne Arundel County Circuit Judge Laura S. Kiessling ordered that a status conference occur before the end of August. He also stated that Kiessling is the judge handling the case. At the conference, they will discuss the “scheduling of the motions hearing, trial date, and any other administrative matters necessary to bring this case throughout the prosecution.”

The shooting at the Capital Gazette occurred on June 28 when a shotgun-wielding gunman shot his way into the building and murdered five of the news organization’s employees. Police reportedly arrested Ramos soon after the shooting.

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