OPINION - Why does Frosh oppose 'Election Integrity?'

Prince Frederick, MD - The President's bipartisan Advisory Commission on Election Integrity asked Maryland election officials to work together, so as to ensure that voter information is accurate. Maryland's election officials denied the request.

You'd think that after eight months of attacks by Progressives about Russian influence on the 2016 election, there would be bipartisan support for the Commission. Think again. Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh - who is also suing President Trump - called the President's Commission "Repugnant." 

Representative Andy Harris, Maryland's only Republican in Congress, said: "I'm not surprised Democrats are worried about investigations into voter fraud. Why not cooperate? Most of this information is publicly available. There is no reason why not to cooperate with a federal investigation into the extent that voter fraud occurs in Maryland and whether some states are more lax than others."

Progressives continuously accuse Russia of meddling in the election. You'd think they'd embrace the bipartisan Commission on Election Integrity.

Since Hillary Clinton won Maryland, what's there to hide?

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