Calvert sheriff responds to social media rant about local cops


Editor's Note - The following is a press release issued Sunday, July 15 from the Calvert County Sheriff's Office regarding a complaint from an out-of-county resident, Adrian Hall, who claims he was arrested and detained without cause by some of the agency's deputies. A link to the man's account of the incident is also included. Hall's account of what transpired Monday, July 10 is getting considerable attention on social media. 

Prince Frederick,MD - Sheriff Mike Evans and the Calvert County Sheriff's Office is aware of the various accusations being made by a commuter during a recent traffic stop in Calvert County.  The commuter was stopped during a laser enforced traffic initiative. The speed was recorded as 76 mph in a 55 mph zone.  During the stop a K-9 unit positively alerted to the odor of narcotics in the vehicle, giving probable cause for a search.  The commuter was on the phone with his wife during the encounter.  It was learned during the stop that his wife has an active order for protection against him. Deputies began to investigate the protective order and the presence of narcotics. The commuter actively hindered that investigation by refusing to stop talking on the phone and allow a probable cause search to take place.  He was  subsequently arrested and charged with hindering the drug investigation and resisting arrest. He was also cited for speeding. The violation of the protective order is still under investigation. 

Although we have not yet received a specific complaint, we take these accusations on social media very seriously. An investigation into the events that occurred during the stop was immediately initiated and is on-going. Once all of the facts are gathered a more detailed response will follow.  The sheriff's office has every intention of keeping this investigation as transparent as possible.

 Click here for the complaint posted on social media

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