Sheriff's Office implements 'Focused on Driving' Initiative

Distracted and aggressive driving endangers everyone. Particularly in the summer months, statistics have traditionally shown an increase in distracted and aggressive driving-related crashes. In an effort to keep drivers' minds on the road, and to reduce frustration, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office has implemented an educational initiative, called “Focused on Driving.” The new campaign is aimed at continuing driver education while supplementing ongoing law enforcement methods.

“Our efforts throughout the year (e.g., sobriety checkpoints, smooth driver campaigns and seat belt enforcement) are effective ways to continually educate the public,” says Captain Steven Hall. He adds, “The purpose is not just to pass out tickets, but to balance education and enforcement efforts, to effectively change motorists’ behaviors.”

During the “Focused on Driving” initiative, drivers in the community can expect to encounter high-visibility enforcement and education efforts specifically targeting violations such as illegal cell phone use, speeding, failure to use seat belts, avoiding traffic signals by cutting through private property, using turn signals inappropriately, running red lights, aggressive driving, and blocking intersections.

“We are not just educating motorists; we are educating our personnel on how to effectively balance education and enforcement efforts to make roadways safer. The initiative is designed to be a recognizable and sustained extension of our current efforts,” said Sheriff Tim Cameron.

The Sheriff’s Office encourages members of the community to follow our efforts on social media. In the interest of visibility, the Sheriff’s Office will highlight its efforts under the initiative using the hashtag #FocusedonDriving.

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