What kinds of cats do well in apartments?

Millions of people own cats, with good reason. They are one of the easiest animals to keep and also provide many years of joy for their owners. However, living an apartment presents a set of new challenges for cat lovers that need to be considered.

Remember that, if you are renting the apartment, you may not even be allowed to keep pets of any sort. However, assuming you are, you must consider the fact that the ca will likely need to be an indoor variety, as access to the outside would be difficult, especially in a high rise building.

You also need to consider the temperament of the cat. Ideally it should be a cat that can handle being left on its own for long periods, especially if you work and will be away for eight hours or more per day.

It also needs to be fairly quiet and not require too much activity to be satisfied. If the breed likes to get out and stretch its legs you will find it will be very unhappy with apartment life in general.

With that in mind, here are a few types of cat that are perfect for apartments, ensuring that you need not go without your feline friends when you move in.

British Shorthair

One of the best cats for novice owners who don't want to be presented with too much difficulty, the British Shorthair is a friendly cat that will happily curl up on your lap after a hard day at work, without presenting any problems for the apartment itself.

They are usually quiet and will be friendly in the majority of cases, while also adapting to their new environment very quickly. Better yet, they won't have issues with being left alone for long periods once they are acclimatised to their surroundings.

The Russian Blue

Independence is a desirable trait amongst apartment cats, and the Russian Blue more than fits the bill in this regard. Thankfully, they are also friendly with their favourite person and will be more than happy to simply chill out with you in the apartment.

Bear in mind that the cat does like to have a little bit of activity, so take a little time to play with it and provide with a scratching post or something similar so that it doesn't crave an exit from the apartment.

The Ragdoll

For many people, the Ragdoll is the perfect apartment cat as it prefers being indoors and will not adapt to the outdoors well at all. Because of this, it will be more than satisfied with life in an apartment and won't cause issues in regards to desiring activity or the great outdoors.

They are also extremely laid back and have a gentle disposition, which means they make the perfect lap cat and will also happily share space with multiple people and children. Better yet, they also require very little in the way of maintenance, outside of the occasional bit of play time or light grooming session.

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