What Is pet sitting and when would I need such a service

Pet sitting is when you hire someone to take care of your pet when you will be gone from home and cannot see to their needs. Some people are willing to go to your home and take your pet out to play, provide them with some affection, attention and see to their needs. Others prefer if you bring the pet to them. Some people do pet sitting for friends and family members and others who do pet sitting are bonded professionals who care for your animals when you are at work or away on business. Here are some situations when getting someone to do pet sitting can be extremely beneficial.

When You Are House Breaking

If you have to work all or part of a day then hiring a pet sitter to stay with your puppy and work with it during the house breaking period can be very beneficial. A pet sitter who either has owned their own dogs or has worked with young puppies knows the importance of consistency when house training a puppy and can see that the house training you are working on is carried out in your absence. However, keep in mind that hiring someone to do pet sitting for 8 or 10 hours can be quite expensive. In such cases you might want to hire a family member who is willing to pet sit for less than the going rate.

After Surgery Or An Illness

There are times when your pet may have had surgery or is recovering from a serious injury and needs to be watched for a few days to insure that everything is going as it should. Hiring someone who is experienced at pet sitting ill animals, if you must work, can give you peace of mind and will help to ensure that your pet gets proper care during this period.

Dogs Who Suffer From Separation Anxiety

There are some dogs who despite every kind of training to help relieve separation anxiety still suffer when you go away for long periods. Hiring someone who does pet sitting to come in a couple of times during your working hours and just spend time with your pet may help reduce the anxiety they feel and provide them with the attention they need. Some pet owners hire pet sitters during the time they are training a dog to not suffer from separation anxiety if they have to be gone from the home before the training is complete.


Even if you take your pet on vacation with you there are times when you may want to find a pet sitting service where you can leave your pet while you do a bit of sightseeing or have a quiet family dinner. Since most hotels will not allow guests to leave pets in the room unattended having a pet sitter on hand can be a huge benefit.

While most people do not use pet sitting services on a daily basis it good to know that such services are available should the need arise.

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