Confederate Flag permanent at Point Lookout?

To the Editor:
I have recently received comments and inbox messages about the recent article in the Baltimore Sun about the Civil War Monument located at Point Lookout. In specific the Battle Flag that is flown at that monument. I will address it publicly right now.

The monument is located on private property and was privately funded. I have no intentions at all of even talking to the group and asking them to remove the Battle Flag. I believe in the Bill of Rights, the first amendment, one's freedom of expression, religion, and speech.

I will also not participate in the sterilization of our nation's history, and any form of censorship. I will not participate in the perversion of our nation's history to suit a modern agenda. However, I will do what we as a society should do; which is learn from our history so it is not repeated.

I have studied world history, and what is going on right now in our country with the sterilization of our nation's history, and censorship is exactly what Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Regime did.

I will not join the likes of Hitler or the Nazi party by joining in with the wiping out of an entire culture's symbols and history.

Furthermore, I am a Veteran. We have a code as a soldier. We honor those that fought, even our enemies. The desecration of soldiers and their families’ graves is abhorrent. There are no words to truly express how I feel about desecrating soldiers graves.

Lastly, where will it stop once we start sanitizing our history and censoring our people?

Will US Veterans flags, guidons, specialty plates be banned because when we were in Iraq we fought against, killed and imprisoned Radical Muslim Terrorists. Let's say those of Muslim faith may be offended by the symbols associated with that war. Do we now outlaw them and remove them?

Will we dig up Arlington National Cemetery for the same reasons?

So point blank I will not ask anyone to infringe on the rights I fought so hard to protect as a US Soldier, and as an Elected Official I will not trample on those very rights I fought for as well. I suggest focusing on the real issues instead of trying to point fingers at everything else but the real problems.

John O’Connor
St. Mary’s County Commissioner (R - District 3)

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