Charles County Commissioners meeting agenda for July 7

Charles County Commissioners Meeting Agendas for July 8, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Charles County Commissioners' Meeting

1. [9:00 a.m.] Approval Items (Commissioners' Meeting Room) **Legislative Week

1.01 [9:00 a.m.] Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance (Commissioner Kelly)

1.02 [9:00 a.m] Recognition/Briefing: Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission (SMADC) - Impact on Community. Proclamation 2014 -21 Maryland Buy Local Week (Dr. Christine Bergmark, Executive Director, Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission)

1.03 [9:30 a.m.] Briefing: TriCounty Community Action Committee Annual Report (Ms. Swynice M. Hawkins, President,Tri-County Community Action Committee, Inc.)

1.04 [10:00 p.m.] GFOA CAFR Award Presentation (Mr. Dave Eicholtz, Director/Mr. Bill DeAtley, Chief of Accounting, Department of Fiscal & Administrative Services and Ms. Holly Sun, GFOA Representative)

1.05 [10:10 a.m.] Commissioner Approval Items

1.06 [10:20 a.m.] Approval of Minutes June 10, 2014

1.07 [10:25 a.m.] Approval July 22, 2014 Agenda

1.08 [10:30 a.m.] Briefing:Drug Forum/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council (Ms. Deborah Hall, Deputy County Administrator)

1.09 [11:00 a.m.] Lunch Break

2. [12:00 p.m.] Closed Session (Government Building Conference Room)

2.01 [12:00 p.m.] Closed Session (Legal,) *All or a portion of this session may be closed pursuant to Section 10-508(a)(1)(3)(4)(7)(8)(9) of the Annotate Code of Maryland. A portion of this session will also concern the Administrative function of the County Commissioners in their executive role.

3. [3:00 p.m.] Briefings/Information (Commissioners' Meeting Room)

3.01 [3:00 p.m.] Briefing: Annual Meeting with St. Charles (Mr. Matt Martin, President/Mr.Craig Renner, Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations/Mr. Rick Barnas, Vice President, Land Planning, Management and Operations, St. Charles Companies)

3.02 [3:30 p.m.] Briefing: Swan Point Project Update (Ms. Elizabeth Theobalds, Deputy County Attorney)

3.03 [4:00 p.m.] Break

4. [5:00 p.m.] Public Hearing (Commissioner Meeting Room)

4.01 [5:00 p.m.] Public Hearing: Bill 2014-04 Sunday Car Sales (Ms. Barbara Holtz, County Attorney)

4.02 [5:00 p.m.] Public Hearing: Bill 2014-15 Recordation Tax Credit for New or Expanding Businesses (Ms. Barbara Holtz, County Attorney; Mr. Kwasi Holman, Director, Department of Economic Development)

4.03 [5:00 p.m.] Public Hearing: Bill 2014-06 Sign Regulations - Balloon Usage (Mr. Kirby Blass, Planner II, Department of Planning & Growth Management)

4.04 [5:15 p.m.] Public Hearing: Resolution 2014-20 Bond Resolution (Mr. Dave Eicholtz, Director, Department Fiscal & Administrative Services, Ms. Cheryl Guth, Attorney, McGuire Woods, LLC)

5. [6:00 p.m.]Public Forum (Commissioners' Meeting Room)

5.01 [6:00 p.m.] Public Forum


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