Telework as a Tool to Recruit Talented Workers with Disabilities

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There are approximately 54 million Americans who have at least one disability, making them the largest minority group in the nation. Over 65 percent of working-age adults with disabilities are unemployed. With the option to telecommute, far more individuals with disabilities can provide the services needed to keep your business serving its clients quickly and effectively.

Teleworking can benefit your business in several ways through attracting and retaining the most forward-thinking employees who can work from anywhere at anytime, utilizing the most technologically advanced devices to complete that work; reducing business overhead costs; helping to reduce urban congestion and pollution; ensuring a constant workforce in times of emergencies.

For more detailed information including more benefits about Teleworking, development of a company-wide Telework Policy and the WorkABILITY Loan Program, read the Work Matters Fact Sheet entitled "Telework: How Can Telework Benefit Your Business." 

Check out the 30-Second Employer Training

This training series is a tool kit for employers to understand why it makes good business sense to hire and retain individuals with disabilities. The series encompasses four topic areas: the ADA, Business Case, Hiring and Reasonable Accommodations.

Maryland Work Matters is a web portal for employers about the employment of individuals with disabilities. This portal highlights the Business Case for hiring individuals with disabilities, best practices and success stories, replication strategies, hiring and recruitment resources, and FAQ' Work Matters Business Partnership Encourage your employer customers to join this network of employers looking to connect with innovative and profitable workforce strategies focused on hiring talented job seekers with disabilities 

For more information, call 410-767-3660 or 1-800-637-4113 (TTY), or email

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