Weekly Commissioners Report

The St. Mary's County Board of County Commissioners met in the Potomac Building Tuesday morning July 28. 

After a quick approval of past minutes and a motion to pay this week's bills, the BOCC heard pleasing news from Dept. of Recreation and Parks Director Phil Rollins. Rollins asked the BOCC to approve the acceptance of a $5,000 grant from the U.S. Tennis Association that will fund lighting of the Dorsey Park tennis courts.The board approved the grant and the subsequent budget amendment. Commissioner Jarboe suggested a thank you letter to the USTA be sent and Rollins stated he expects the lights to be operational by late fall.

George Erichson, P.E., Director of the Department of Public Works and Transportation was before the board to discuss a budget reduction for the FY2010 Medical Adult Daycare Transportation Service and a request to reconfigure funding for non-public school bus transportation. 

Erichson explained that it is a "tight budget year" and funding for non-public contractor buses has come from the internal savings from the recent waste management partnership with Charles County. County Administrator John Savich mentioned that there has been an effort "to improve transportation for both public and non-public schools. Erichson agreed that the issue is one of efficiency and said the most commonly heard complaint is, "my child is on the bus for more than an hour!"

Erichson also discussed the completion level of several subdivisions and a claim letter for one builder that has yet to complete required work at Lauren's Run.

The Dept. of Public Safety was before the board briefly to reinstitute the dog licensing requirement in the county. Such a requirement is required by the state of Maryland.

During Commissioners' Time, several mentioned the passing of friend, Bobby Dean and the delightful Summerstock presentation of "Ragtime". Mattingly said the show, "really displayed the talent that is within the community". Commissioner Jarboe reminded everyone of the parade celebrating 75 years of the fire department and 50 of the rescue squad in Mechanicsville Saturday Aug.1 at 3 p.m.

The Commissioners traveled to the Patuxent Building which houses the Land Use and Growth Management and Parks and Rec. departments, to say thank you to the county employees for their hard work.

Later in the day, the BOCC met with the Metropolitan Commission at CSM for a joint meeting to discuss the task force initiative and new loan approvals.

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