Hoyer Statement on 40th Anniversary of Moon Landing

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Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (D-MD) released the following statement today in honor of the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing: 

“Forty years ago today, American astronauts walked on the surface of the moon. Decades after their accomplishment became a fact for the history books, it can be difficult to remember the scale of wonder billions of us felt at the sight of human beings setting foot on another world. And it can be difficult to remember that success was by no means assured, and that it came in the face of great risk. As aerospace journalist Lane Wallace wrote, ‘viewed in light of how rudimentary our technology was at the time, and how many bullets we dodged—through innovative thinking, exhaustive effort, blissful ignorance, and pure, blind luck—the achievement becomes almost unbelievable. And yet, it happened.’
“It happened because of the combined determination and diligence of an entire country, from the young President who inspired us to set our sights on the moon, to the factory workers who assembled the lunar module. They proved that when Americans work toward a common purpose, there is nothing beyond our reach. I have no doubt that fact will remain true, no matter where our explorations take us next.

“As we celebrate this anniversary, we also mourn the recent death of legendary newsman Walter Cronkite, whose broadcast of the moon landing remains an indelible memory for so many Americans.”



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