Cardin Supports Healthcare Reform at Charlotte Hall Veterans Home

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On July 27, Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) made a scheduled stop at the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home and addressed a group of citizens and concerned veterans about healthcare. Cardin spoke in support of the much beleaguered healthcare reform legislation working its way through both houses of Congress.

During his remarks, Cardin suggested that people should relax a bit about the bill until the separate versions emerge from the House and Senate. He indicated that most of the concern from the average American was the costs of the bill and the rumors of tax increases and other costs that may or may not end up being reality.

Cardin did emphasize that America has a serious healthcare problem and that it is in dire need of correcting. “We can't afford our current health care system.” he stated.

Cardin did state that the proposed healthcare reform bills would not havemuch impact on veteran’s benefits or care.
At the meeting, St. Mary’s County Commissioner Thomas A. Mattingly, Sr. requested that Cardin work to bring full time mental health facility to the area for veterans stating that the Veterans home has limited program and that necessary treatment is only available in the metropolitan areas.

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