Charles County Sheriff Cashes in on $160,000+ in Grants

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The Charles County Sheriff’s Office announces it has obtained several new grants awarded by the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP) to support a number of public safety efforts in our community.

The Sheriff’s Office received $36,201 in grant funding to purchase new software for the Crime Analysis Unit. The two employees assigned to this unit analyze an enormous amount of data related to crimes and crime trends to support the efforts of patrol officers and detectives. The software will allow them to analyze their data quicker and more effectively. More than 2,000 organizations in more than 100 countries rely on the same software for investigations and intelligence analysis.

A $33,750 grant will fund a Cold Case Squad that will be comprised of experienced homicide detectives who will work overtime hours to focus their resources on cold cases, the unsolved cases that are not currently being investigated. Advances in technology have enhanced the analysis of evidence especially DNA, fingerprinting and ballistics. Detectives will use these tools and their investigative experience to re-examine unsolved homicides, suspicious deaths, rapes and other sex offenses, child abuse cases, missing person cases, commercial armed robberies and other cold cases. Solving these cases will provide closure to families who have suffered a terrible loss, assist in bringing perpetrators to justice and provide crucial information when the crime is committed by a serial perpetrator.

The Special Victims Unit of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the County’s portion of the Sex Offender Registry. A $25,000 Sex Offender Compliance and Enforcement in Maryland grant will provide overtime funding to support the compliance enforcement program. The funds will be used by detectives to conduct compliance checks and by the Warrant/Fugitive Unit to locate the absconders.

Because of the rapid increase in traffic fatalities in 2005 and the similar pace of fatal crashes so far this year, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office applied for and received a grant to purchase additional radar equipment. The $23,850 grant will support the purchase of 12 radar units that will be used in on-going efforts to deter speeders and reduce motor vehicle collisions. Speed is a factor in many crashes and the Sheriff’s Office hopes to reduce violations, and subsequently speed-related collisions, when it receives the radar equipment in August.

The GOCCP and the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland awarded the Sheriff’s Office a $15,000 gang planning grant as part of a program that helps local jurisdictions make accurate assessments of gang activities in their areas.The Sheriff’s Office will work with local government officials and community groups to complete a comprehensive assessment of gang activity in Charles County, including the current programs and resources that can be leveraged to address prevention, intervention and enforcement services directed at gangs. During this process, four community meetings and a countywide youth summit will be held to focus on gang activity and address gangs and the associated problems including youth crime and delinquency, substance abuse, crimes of violence, gun-related crimes, nuisance abatement, enforcement, the community’s capacity to provide needed services and the adequate existing infrastructure. The Sheriff’s Office will publish a report on gang activity in Charles County and develop a three-year strategic plan to address existing gang problems through intervention and enforcement and to prevent future gang problems.

In September 2005, Sheriff Frederick E. Davis crea

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