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The city of Dallas, TX. The home of J.R. Ewing from the TV series with the same name as the city. Oil companies and cattle ranches are what Dallas has been known for. But the times when “Blood may be thicker than water, but oil is thicker than them both” may have been relevant have changed. Dallas, TX has lost its tumbleweeds and almost all its boot-strutting and hat-wearing cowboys, but they’re still a Southern charm that draws people in.
The modern metropolis is the 3rd largest city in Texas and the 9th largest city in the United States. Because of the way that Dallas drew over the last three decades, it also influenced that area known as Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, making it the 7th largest metro area in the nation.
Living here is quite an interesting thing as there are a multitude of benefits to living in one of the largest cities in the country. There are, however, plenty of downsides to it as well. If you are planning on moving here you should know the pros and cons of living in Dallas, TX. But, no worries. We are here to help.

Pro’s of living in Dallas Texas


If you are moving here, the job market is in constant growth. This happens because there are a lot of companies that come here for the benefits of no state income tax and other advantages. New companies also find it beneficial to start their adventure here because there is a lot of support and engagement from the municipalities. This extends to the suburbs of Dallas as well. More companies mean more jobs on the market and also higher salaries.


Summertimes require sun lotion. Especially for those moving here from the north of the country, make sure you are ready for those Texas summers. It can be quite a shock but you’ll be in for much better weather. Most of the year you’ll be able to soak up the sun and work on your tan so, as mentioned before, make sure you have sun protection.


Do you like cowboys or mavericks? You don’t actually have to choose, but I’m a sucker for mavericks. Before you start wondering what on earth I’m talking about … it’s simple. Football or Basketball. You get both sports fans here and while I tend to overlook the playoffs, or look and endure, a sports fan is a sports fan. No matter if you’re looking at the commercials or celebrating a big win for your team. We’re there for each other, right?

No income tax

I can’t stress this enough. It means more money in your pocket. Less money for uncle Sam. Basically, you get more in hand income, but, let’s not forget sales tax and property tax. It’s not all fun and games, but even so. Getting more out of your paycheck than you do elsewhere is a plus in my book.


You will always have somewhere to eat here. That is a guarantee. It is a given actually, wherever you wind up in Texas, and I’m not talking about any kind of food, but the mouth-watering kind, the finger-licking good kind. Do you like to take photos of your food and upload them on social media? Well, say goodbye to that habit because the smell alone will make you forget about social media and just get lost in the flavors. Tacos, steak houses, all you can eat steak houses … Do you know those places that have the “wall of fame”? While I do not condone overeating, those steaks just look too good to be true. If you are unable to finish your steak, just ask for a goodie bag and bring it home.

Great Schools

All over Texas, schooling is held at a high standard. The Lone Star State takes care of the educational system and Dallas is no exception. Families who move here to start a new life and set up roots will not be disappointed with the school system. Here you will definitely find education is a top priority. From elementary to college the way your personal growth is taken into consideration here is of significant importance. Even after graduation, you will find that companies invest in their employees in order to help them develop further and advance in their careers.

Con’s on living in Dallas Texas


This had to be the first as it is the most unnerving fact of living in Dallas. While the city of Dallas has some of the best-constructed highways and roadways in the country, being a big city, traffic is a major downside. You have options to get to where you are going but with the increased population of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, commutes are significantly longer and more time consuming for the residents. What doesn’t help matters is the fact that the public transportation system isn’t precisely what it should be. The walkability meter is on the low side and the public transportation system isn’t one to rely on. Commuters have it better as trains run at 10 minutes intervals during rush hour but we recommend nerves of steel and several podcasts for those driving to work.


There aren’t a lot of green open spaces. This happened because not only Dallas but also the surrounding suburbs occupy large areas and leave little for nature. You can find spaces where you can enjoy a hike or a lake, but those are far in between. We can’t say, however, that those nature lovers won’t like living here. One thing that Dallas and the state of Texas as a whole have are options. There is East Dallas for the outdoor enthusiast with the White Rock Lake where hiking, swimming, kayaking, and many other outdoor activities are available. So, as mentioned before, Dallas has options for everyone.

Housing costs

This one goes hand in hand with the cost of living which is a rather downside of Dallas when compared to Texas. But let’s not jump the gun. Dallas has a median house value of $284,000 while the average for the state is $229,000, with a median rent listing price of $1,700. The median household income in Dallas comes at $72,000 while in the state of Texas is at $62,000. Like this, we have an affordability ratio of 3.9% which is higher than Texas’ ratio that stops at 3.5%. Although the housing costs are up, they might not be quite unaffordable. Some see this as a deal-breaker however. It is similar to the cost of living which, while not quite like New York or Miami, is higher than the national average by 1.7%. These values are current as of February 2020. Considering the fact that the average income allows you a comfortable living situation, go ahead and get in touch with top realtors in Dallas, TX for more information.

Should you move to Dallas, TX

The city and the area, in general, has a lot of history to offer and we certainly think that a city that grew the way Dallas and its surrounding area had, deserves some credit. You can always visit and see for yourself and then make up your mind. Give it a test drive if you will. Southern hospitality is sure to win you over if the TV show based on life in Dallas didn’t so far.
Put your cowboy boots on and your stetson and pay a visit to the Lone Star State. The modern and exhilarating city of Dallas, TX is waiting to throw a lasso around you and make sure you never want to leave.

Give us a comment if you agree or disagree. If you like cowboys give us a like. If you like J.R. Ewing gave us a share in his memory. And don’t forget to “Yee haw!” when you come here.

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