Best Universities in Hong Kong for international students

What makes Hong Kong the Ultimate Study Destination for International Students?

An International City with Cultural Diversity 
Congratulations on completing your high school, and if you are yet to do so, we know that you'll score amazing grades in all of your subjects. However, you have to decide whether you want to study in your country or not, no matter you're from the US, UK or China, or you want to go abroad to complete your college degree. Amongst all the cities in the world, Hong Kong is probably the most multicultural city. Considering overseas students from all races and cultural background live together and everyone gets their personal religious and cultural space, Hong Kong is an extremely diverse city to study in. The universities in Hong Kong for international students have set an exemplary standard of education that many other countries look up to.

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The Leading Curriculum in the Globe
The curriculum offered by the universities in Hong Kong for international students is quite advanced and updated. Other countries also tend to follow their footsteps. All the content that is being taught in the universities gets constantly updated. Moreover, students get to explore their field on their own through various seminars, workshops, certified courses and paid internships. Students are also motivated to participate in the process of research and development to refine the curriculum even more. Every university has its research and development department. World's leading companies come to Hong Kong in order to hire the best professionals in the world, whether they are in the field of technology, medicine, arts and commerce.

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Universities in Hong Kong with the Highest Worldwide Ranking
What is more to make universities in Hong Kong one of the best educational destinations for international students? The highly ranked state-of-the-art universities, for people who want to pursue a career in civil engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is probably the best choice you can make. This university is also class leading when it comes to hospitality, services and of course, technology. The staff of this university is highly qualified industry specialists. They know what skills the global job market requires and how to make the students of this university professionally and academically better than students of top universities around the world. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is a rising institute and is ranked 15th amongst the top young universities in the world. Speaking of job opportunities, the graduates of this university are always given top priority by high-profile hirers like Microsoft, Google, Intel, Damac, Tesla, Samsung etc.

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When we talk about the best university in Hong Kong for international students who want to pursue media sciences and arts, then the University of Hong Kong should be the university to go for. With a world class staff including highly qualified top industry professionals; your career would be given such a boost that you'll reach your career goals before anyone else. Just like all the universities in Hong Kong, for overseas students, this university is also a social hub where they'll get to meet and interact with people from different cultural and religious backgrounds. The University of Hong Kong is one of the highest ranked universities in the world, with a global rank of 35 as of 2020.

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Young Universities in Hong Kong Play a Part
The top university in Hong Kong for international students does require students to have a great academic record in order to get selected on merit. If you are an overseas student looking forward to making a career in the field of education or business and you do not have a great academic record, The Education University of Hong Kong might be a decent option for you to consider. The Education University of Hong Kong is a publicly funded tertiary institution which is dedicated to the advancement of teaching. The university has various undergraduate and post graduate programs for different fields.

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Another university which does not have tough selection criteria is The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. This university is also a great option for those who are looking for an excellent institution to pursue their careers in the field of education and/or business. The Hang Seng University is a non-profit private university in Hong Kong which offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields for international students and local students. Therefore, either you are an overseas student having a great academic record or a rather average academic record; you can look at Hong Kong as the ultimate location to pursue your higher education in.

So, what makes you choose Hong Kong? Well, if we can summarize it in 3 words, which would be diverse, class-leading and heuristic. The universities in Hong Kong are heuristic due to that fact that the curriculum gets updated with every new research and students get to explore and learn through their own experiences as well. They are diverse because international students from all around the world come to study here and everyone’s cultural background is respected and celebrated and, they are class-leading because most of the universities have high international rankings and job market recognition.

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