Delegate Parrott comments on I-270 project

Hagerstown, MD - June 6, 2019 – Today, the Board of Public works voted 2-1 to approve the I-270 project that will help alleviate congestion and increase safety in the beltway. Delegate Parrott said, “I am so glad that Governor Hogan and Comptroller Franchot have approved the first phase of this project. Over the past several years, I have written to the State Highway Administration urging them to work on this important road project, and am so thankful to see it finally moving forward.”

“I believe the widening of I-270 is critical for both safety of Maryland residents who must commute to Washington D.C. every morning,” Delegate Parrott said. “In addition, it is also critical to greatly reduce the congestion tax that so many Marylanders experience by sitting in traffic day in and day out. The widening would also lower air pollution by helping cars move and not be stuck, which increases emissions.”

Delegate Parrott was working for the State Highway Administration (SHA) when Governor Bob Ehrlich initially introduced a new alternative to the I-270 multi-modal corridor study that added an Express Toll Lane option when he was governor. Unfortunately, the project was unable to be completed before Governor Martin O’Malley took office and halted all work on this necessary infrastructure project. Delegate Parrott said, “I-270 should have been widened decades ago when I worked on the project, and I am very thankful for the Governor and Comptroller’s vote to help the widening occur now.”

Even so, Delegate Parrott indicated that the current Phase 1 plans do not include any widening in the Frederick County portion of I-270. He indicated that he will, “request that the portion of I-270 in Frederick County along with Phase 4 of the I-70 project be built as a first order of business for the I-270 widening project to help alleviate traffic.” He indicated that, “in both the morning and afternoon peak periods, traffic builds up along I-270 so that Western Maryland residents cannot even get to and from the Shady Grove Metro Station without facing huge delays in their commute.”

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