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Hollywood, MD - The June 26 primary elections are quickly approaching and voter turnout will more than likely be low, as usual. For those Democrats who despise President Trump, you have the opportunity to elect the individual(s) you feel will best combat his agendas, and for the Republicans who support him, you are presented a chance to defy the current norm, where voters affiliated with the sitting President’s party tend not to show up on election day.

Those of you unaffiliated will be unable to participate in the democratic process this time around, as Maryland is one of the 14 closed primary states. This means even more in those elections where one of the political parties is running unopposed, as the primary election will decide who the incumbent will be. In Calvert, this is true of the State’s Attorney election with two Republicans but no Democrats running, and in Charles, this is the case in both Districts 2 and 3’s Commissioner races (seven Democrats in District 2 and four Democrats running in District 3). In addition to the Commissioner races, the Charles Sheriff’s race will also be decided in the primary with only two Democratic candidates running.

Aside from deciding elections altogether, the primary elections offer an opportunity for voters not to choose between the lesser of two evils, as they do during the general elections, but instead, for the candidates, they feel best represents their party’s ideals.

If these reasons are not good enough for the majority of you affiliated with a party then consider the battered and beaten dead horse of civic duty and the fact that we are privileged to live in a democracy. The opportunity to voice our opinion should be taken advantage of as often as possible, it is a privilege that many have served and died for, and one that is often taken lightly. Keep in mind this election season that there are still many countries where citizens have no voice, and many people living in those countries that are willing to die for the opportunity to do so.

If you are reading this article, chances are you were already planning on participating in the elections, so make sure that you encourage all of the friends, family, coworkers and others around you to participate, too. Explain to them the importance of voting, maybe even share with them this article, and, equally significant, share with them these important dates.

The Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, June 26, with early voting taking place between Thursday, June 14 through the following Thursday, June 21. The deadline to request an Absentee Ballot is Tuesday, June 19.

For voting district, I.D. concerns, and more information, you can visit The Maryland State Board of Elections  web site.

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