Sheriff Evans denies FBI probe

Prince Frederick, MD – With Primary Election Day looming, Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans has issued a statement regarding allegations of misconduct reported in a local newspaper. The account published in Chesapeake Today reports that Evans is being investigated by the FBI for his handling of prescription medications reportedly removed for disposal from the Asbury Solomons retirement community.

TheBayNet has been aware of reports of an FBI probe regarding Evans for quite some time. However, no potential sources have agreed to go on the record with any allegations. We have spoken to a few and all claim that the FBI probe is true and what was written in the paper is true, TheBayNet has not been able to confirm these reports. Evans himself declined to discuss with TheBayNet on-camera the Chesapeake Today’s initial reports when a pre-election video was made late last month.  The FBI has not denied nor confirmed the report.

In his statement posted on Facebook, Evans stated the article contained “false and defamatory information about me. I categorically deny these allegations, which were made with the intent of damaging my reputation and attempting to influence the Primary Election.”

Evans is currently involved in a three-way race in Calvert County’s Republican Primary. His opponents are Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Craig Kontra and Kinsey Weems, a county resident who is an officer with a municipal police department in Prince George’s County. Evans, who was first elected sheriff in 2002, defeated Kontra in the 2014 General Election by 625 votes. The Calvert County Fraternal Order of Police has endorsed Evans for re-election.

The drug issue—particularly the nationwide opioid epidemic—has been discussed by all candidates for sheriff in Calvert. “We started making a big dent in the pill issue,” said Evans, who added that the progress made in opioids resulted in a spike in the purchase and use of heroin, and an increase in heroin overdose deaths. Kontra mourned the loss of 31 lives in Calvert County in 2017, adding that as sheriff he plans to assign more deputies to the Narcotics section.

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